2010 White

Rev. Christopher White (Oct. 2010-2018) Fairlawn Avenue United Church

Rev. Christopher White has been the Senior Minister and Team Leader at Fairlawn since October 2010. He has a long, deep track record of building up his congregations so that they grow in all aspects of church life. He brings a commitment to service in the community and in the greater church.

In 2012, Christopher received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for Community Service, which recognizes those who have made significant contributions to their communities. He has been instrumental in the formation of Faith in the City, an initiative of religious leaders, clergy and lay-people from several faith traditions who, along with concerned members of Toronto City Council, encourage Faith Communities working in areas of common social concern to improve the lives of their neighbours.

Christopher is the editor of the Question Box column in the United Church Observer. He taught at Queen’s University’s Shaw Transformational Leadership program, the Emmanuel College Summer Institute and the Five Oaks Educational Centre. He is a speaker and workshop leader on issues of leadership and congregational development. Christopher has also written for CBC radio, the Globe and Mail, and other newspapers and magazines.

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